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25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones [2 DVD]

25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones [2 DVD]  
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DVD бокс с полиграфией

Количество дисков:2

Формат видео / Кодек: DVD Video
Основной Жанр:documentary

Видео кодек: MPEG 2
Тип: Концертное выступление
Продолжительность серии:02:12:00

Цена:  180руб.


В ролях: Rolling Stones
Год выпуска: 1989
Жанр: documentary
Продолжительность: 00:57:38
В ролях: Rolling Stones
Перевод одноголосый.


25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones *****
Released in 1989 by CMV enterprises. Colour and b/w. Hi-fi Stereo. 130 min. PAL.An exellent documentary of the 'adventures' of the Stones between 1963 and 1989.Live fragments, interviews and parts of 'Rock and roll circus' and 'Cocksucker blues'.

The live recordings from the 60's are (alas) shortened but in exellent quality.The oldest live recording is from February 1964: the Stones play 'You better move on'in the Arthur Haynes show. Also fragments of the Stones in TV shows like Ready steady go, Ed Sullivan and Hollywood Palace are shown. We see parts of the famous Kurhausconcert in Holland (August 8, 1964) and a Muddy Waters concert from 1981 where hewas joined by 3 Stones members. One of the highlights of this video is the famous publicity stunt of the Stones from 1975 when they played live on a open truck in the streets of New York to announce their US tour. The picture and sound quality is excellent. Included is the clip 'Rock and a hard place'. A must! Also for sale on laserdisc


Interview met Mick Jagger (VS, Autumn 1989)
Interview met Keith Richards (VS, Autumn 1989)
Interview met Charlie Watts (VS, Autumn 1989)
You Better Move On - Arthur Haynes Show 07-02-1964
Interview met Brian Jones (Belfast 06-01-1965, van Ulster TV ‘Six Five’)
Interview met Bill Wyman (VS, Autumn 1989)
Little Red Rooster - Ready, Steady, Go! 20-11-1964
Around And Around - Hull 21-09-1964
Mercy Mercy - Richmond 07-08-1964
I just want to make love to you - Hollywood Palace, 03-06-1964
Carol - Scheveningen 08-08-1964
Time Is On My Side - Ed Sullivan Show 25-10-1964
Interview met Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman & Charlie Watts (Fort Wayne 12-11-1964)
Interview met Mick Jagger & Brian Jones (Shindig, US TV 20-05-1965)
How Many More Years - Shindig! 20-05-1965
The Last Time - Shindig! 20-05-1965
Interview met Tony King (VS, Autumn 1989)
(I can't get no) Satisfaction - Shindig! 28-07-1965
(I can't get no) Satisfaction - Ed Sullivan Show 13-02-1966
19th Nervous Breakdown - Ed Sullivan Show 13-02-1966
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? - Londen 23-09-1966
Paint It, Black - Ed Sullivan Show 11-09-1966
Interview met Mick Jagger (Ongar, UK Granada TV ‘World In Action’, 31-07-1967)
Let’s Spend The Night Together - Ed Sullivan Show 15-01-1967


You Can’t Always Get What You Want - Rock 'n Roll Circus 11-12-1968
Interview met Bill Wyman (ca. 1974, BBC TV ‘All You Need Is Love’-serie)
Interview met Keith Richards (Sydney Airport 09-02-1973)
Eulogy voor Brian Jones (London, Hyde Park 05-07-1969)
Honky Tonk Women - London, Hyde Park 05-07-1969
Interview met Ron Wood (VS, Autumn 1989)
Trouwdag van Mick Jagger/Bianca Perez (St. Tropez 12-05-1971)
Interview met Alan Dunn (VS, Autumn 1989)
Interview with Bill Wyman (New York 25-07-1972, van US TV ‘Dick Cavett Show’)
Interview met Mick Jagger (New York 25-07-1972, van US TV ‘Dick Cavett Show’)
Brown Sugar - New York, 5th Avenue 01-05-1975,
Star Star - Parijs 06-06-76
Star Star - Oshawa, 22-04-1979, eerste show
Before They Make Me Run - Largo 05-05-1979
Mannish Boy - Chicago 22-11-1981
(I can't get no) Satisfaction - Hampton 18-12-1981
Interview met Charlie Watts (Hertfordshire, Elstree Studios 01 of 02-05-1986)
Just Another Night - Melbourne 15-10-1988
Take It So Hard - Los Angeles 15-12-1988
Hall Of Fame - inneem ceremonie (New York, Waldorf Astoria Hotel 18-01-1989)
Mixed Emotions - repetitie, Monserrat, Air Studios, april 1989
Trouwdag van Keith Richards/Patti Hansen (Cabo St. Lucas 18-12-1983)
Trouwdag van Ron Wood/Jo Howard (Denham 02-01-1985)
Trouwdag van Bill Wyman/Mandy Smith (Londen, 05-06-1989)
+ filmpjes van promo's, newscasts and official movies through the years

Аудио кодек: AC3 
Видео: PAL 4:3 (768x576) VBR
Аудио: English (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)Russian (Dolby AC3, 2 ch)

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25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones [2 DVD] 25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones [2 DVD] 25x5 The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones [2 DVD]

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